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Friday, May 7, 2010

Re: There will be a debate on Sept 13

Hi Dan:

  I just resent it.  Let me know when you receive it. Tom might want to come to this state since we have an Arpaio like clone trying to put on the ballot an initiative to have an Arizona like law to deal with the less then five percent of all of the people he jails.  Such hystery generated from a scary population indeed.  Seriously do you understand the economic devestation that occured in Potsville iowa after the ICE raid.


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Generally, every time Tom has been on the radio or TV it has been to debate / discuss the issue. A more structured debate will take place in Denver, as has been the case multiple times in the past.

Are you asking to sponsor a debate?

Feel free to reply to this email, I will monitor for your reply.


PS. You can resend your email as I have seen no coherent argument favoring your position.

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  1. What state and what documentation do you have on the negative impact?

    My frend, who has family in the area, tells me the local economy is better and formerly unemployed, legal residents are working there.

    I have CBO reports from the 1990s indicating the cost of health services and education at 8 billion a year.