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Friday, March 12, 2010

RE: Bigotry of low expectation

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Subject: Bigotry of low expectation


You are correct, people will remember the bigotry of the left and their low expectation of the American people.

Populists rise to power every few generations. The last time a man was elected by promising work for all with a great national social agenda. He took over the automobile industry, lending institutions and medicine.

He even demanded the creation of an economic, fuel efficient car for the regular folks. Thus the folks wagon (volkswagon) was invented.

People who have no grasp of civics (that is who have no civics literacy) will vote for populists who promise much and deliver little.

Voters will remember and toss out such snake oil salesmen over time. No doubt, the Dear Leader, Mr Obama, will be remembered by those empty promises and his contempt for the free market that made our country great.

Tom Tancredo is correct, everyone should take a test like that required by naturalized citizens. A civics literacy test.


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