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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Re: Civic stupidity come s in all colors

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Sent: Tuesday, February 9, 2010 06:13 PM
Subject: Re: Civic stupidity come s in all colors.

Dear Tom,

The reply you emailed must be your form letter sent to the thousands that you assume wrote to you because you're a bigot, which of course, you are, but you obviously didn't read mine. I spoke of your effeminate style, the unsightly combover and the need to come out of the closet. I think you'll be a much less hate-filled little man if you follow my advice.

And you still didn't answer my question... how do you think your nana's and papa's would be feeling about their little bambino about now? Getting up on the big stage and showing the world how backward and bigoted the GOP has become and the low level talent they attract.

The people at the convention and the viewers of FOX are your only support and that is because they are uneducated whites who are terrified of a "colored" future. Now that one of your big-brains has decided to take on SS and Medicare, watch how fast your unwashed masses turn! Oh what fun we have in store! Hey Tom... how about Palin / Tancredo 2012 !? The "Boob & the Bigot" "Comely & Combover" "Hot & Not" and my favorite: "Dumb & Dumber"

People like you really do hurt America and there's nothing funny about that. I don't for a minute think you care about that, it's obvious by your ugly, hateful history but what I don't understand is why. Is it the attention? A little negative attention is better than none? The money? How much money does it take to make a person comfortable selling out his country and fellow Americans? Maybe if you really understood how people like me see you... maybe if you thought about what your words do... maybe then you could feel the shame and disgust you should be feeling. I can dream.


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Subject: Civic stupidity comes in all colors.

Your comments seem to imply that you believe stupidity is a racial trait. I don't.

It has been my experience that stupidity, especially civic stupidity, comes in all colors. Feel free to visit and comment on the blog at Tom Tancredo

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