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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Response to your response

From: Maurice Meminger []
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 4:34 PM
Subject: Response to your response
Respectfully sir I don't. Now I admired your convictions when you were debating on the US House floor. Especially these damn illegals here.But many black people took your comments that way sir. I can understand that the majority of your listeners that day were angry & fed white people. Hey! I can understand that, most Americans are. But lets be honest, the Bush Administration spent our treasury up as well & put us into debt. Look! I don't like 99% of President Obama's policies. But as for trying to create/save jobs, at least he gets up in the morning & get's to work. I'm fully aware that he's cognoscente that his first term depends on it. All I'm saying that if it were me up there speaking that day, and 95% of my listeners were black folks & you were President of the US. You were doing the same policies as Obama, I wouldn't have chosen those words sir. We will never return to literacy tests. I believe Martin Luther King, Jr & other civil rights fighters wouldn't have ever envisioned this sort of thing re-entering our politics. I believe that you have indifference & pulverizing  beliefs sir. And God doesn't allow that into his kingdom, no matter what religious beliefs a person practices.

Thank you for responding Mr. Tancredo, it's really nice to have a conversation with elected officials.


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