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Sunday, February 21, 2010

RE: RE: Talking points?

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Subject: Talking points?

No, the same questions every naturalized American is asked to know to be granted citizenship.

Put aside the sophomoric talking points and read or listen to the speech Tom gave. Ignorance lead to the election of Hitler in the 1930s not Hoover.

Taking over lending, medicine and the automotive industry by government and directing the creation of an affordable, economic automobile for the people is where the "folks wagon" or "volkswagon" came from.

Voting is a right and education is free and available to anyone living here. Ignorance of civics has no color or religion, it is required of those wanting to join our ranks, as legal citizens, and should be considered important enough for those of us blessed to have been born here.

In the event you did not understand my first reply, the court ruled that all voters were to have equal access under the law (as they should have), not that any person or group is more or less intellegent than anyone else. The same court has upheld the test given to legal immigrants. I defy you to find any example of bias in the questions used up to this very day.

Snake oil salesmen are still out there today, what they sell still does not work. Obama is a good speaker, but his brand of socialism still does not work, no matter how bright and shiny the package.


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Subject: Re: Talking points?

And what would you suggest be asked of people as they arrive at the polling stations? Who is the current Speaker of the House? Who is the current minority whip? Who is the current US ambassador to the United Nations? Who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

I still don't see what the point of requiring people to know civics trivia, or how it qualifies them to keep their democratic rights. I doubt Sarah Palin could even pass such a test.

Who would regulate the test? Would you really deny people suffrage if they got questions wrong? Do you really not believe that all American citizens, regardless of race, intelligence, financial status etc. deserve a chance to vote for their leaders?

And I'm glad Herbert Hoover didn't win reelection in 1933, or we might be living in a different America.

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Subject: Talking points?

Seriously, do you really equate ignorance of civics literacy with race? If you believe the courts decide in intelligence of anyone, you need to learn civics.

The "soft bigotry of low expectation" is yours. You might want to ask why you assume any race is predisposed to voting without understanding. The 1930s saw the election of some bad people who believed the government was the answer to every problem.

Would you have spoken out?

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