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Monday, February 8, 2010


From: RICK [mailto:fet2948@ROGERS.COM]
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 9:31 PM
People like you are the most vile of creatures.  No, to me, you are not human because people of humanity are should have some sense of decency and you have none.  When your grandparents came to the United States could they spell vote in English?  To me, that hardly matters—who the hell cares.   But, of course, jerks such as you want to bring back literacy tests to the right to vote—to explain the most intricate aspects of state law, or the Constitution of your country.  

Personally, I have real problems for the first time in my life to justify creatures such as you have a right to live and breathe like the rest of us.  And, the older I get the less faith I have in other white people of which I one.  I have yet, in nearly 62 years, taken the side of a white person in a racial dispute and it is highly unlikely I ever will. 

One of the reasons you get illegal immigrants is because your corporations leave your country some going south to Central America.  Those bastards pay their employees so little they cannot live on their income so they therefore leave and some of them migrate north to your country in the unfortunately false hope America will treat them better where they run into the vile hatred of people like you.  Most of a person’s or a country’s problems are of their own making but idiots such as you always look elsewhere since you cannot possibly consider you are the author of your own problems. 

It is my hope only a very small percentage of white people who actually listen to a piece of garbage such as you.  Rick Thacker 105-5444 Yonge Street, TORONTO, ON M2N 6J4

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