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Friday, February 5, 2010

A letter from an illiterate

From: David Annand []
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 5:08 PM
Subject: A letter from an illiterate
Dear Mr Tancredo,
I'd just like you to know that this is one of the illiterates that voted for President Obama. Why did I vote for him? Well lets see.
I'm tired of the the Republican Party line which is anything that is good for Wall Street is good for the people. A party that will tell you to your face bald faced lies about death panels, WMDs and the economy add that they care about you then slam the door in your face so they can get on the phone to ask for donations from the corporations. A party that upon taking office when the deficit was shrinking instigated tax cuts for the rich that promptly started the deficit growing again. A party that has forgotten what the truth is and has disregarded the constitution for the previous 8 years. That took the time to start a panic in the streets to start a war of revenge in a country with no responsibility for the attack on 9/11.  A party that is busy trying to remove any of the meager controls that have been put on banks and institutions so that we can go back to the wild and reckless ways that got us into the current recession. A party that seems to forget that it was responsible for the bank bailouts they rail against so much.
The US is rapidly being turned into a third world nation not because of immigration but because corporations no longer produce products in this country and are encouraged to ship jobs overseas. I am self employed and have been so for 30 years. For 20 of those years I worked servicing a financial company producing slide shows, annual reports and SEC filing packages and I saw first hand how little the truth mattered to the bankers and  lawyers who work on Wall Street. How little the American worker mattered. So fewer and fewer products are made here so fewer and fewer people have jobs where they do more than ask someone "Can I help you find that sir?" All so a few people can get $100,000 bonuses for something someone else actually did.
Health care? Everytime I read an article about US companies complaining that they can't compete they almost always mention that the cost of health care is something they can't deal with. Meanwhile our jobs are shipped overseas to places where health care is nationalised. Places where the health care is rated better than that in the US. In all those nations there are usually the option for supplemental care or extra care but everyone still gets health care. Here in the US if the company gives you healthcare or if you are making enough that you can afford it (I haven't been able to since 1990) unless you are really lucky your eligibility isn't left up to a minimum wage worker in a phone bank somewhere reading from a script. The only people who come to the US for health care these days are the destitute looking for charity care. Meanwhile Americans are going to Mexico and India for health care.
As much as the Tea Party people believe in smaller government you cannot trust corporations to police themselves. The Toyota debacle is only the latest example of how foolish it is to let corporations police themselves. Corporations are sociopathic entities who are only out for themselves. Left to their own devices they wouldn't give a damn how many people died from using their product. Sales go down? They'd just slap a "ALL NEW!!!" label on it and wait until they'd have to revise the packaging.
Sir you have no idea how hard it was not to pollute this e-mail with four letter words. I am frustrated with this nation and it's politicians but I am even more frustrated with the pseudo-patriotism that I see with the tea parties. The intolerance and bigotry that would make the Grand Wizard of the KKK proud.  The pure hate that festers there is vile in the extreme.
It's a good thing that God forgives because I'm having a hard time even tolerating you people.
New Jersey

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