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Monday, February 8, 2010

RE: Civic stupidity comes in all colors.

You must feel gratified to be in the company of Joe Biden who pointed out candidate Obama was a "clean, articulate black man", Harry Reed who said Obama could selectively speak in a "negro dialect" and Chris Mathiews who proclaimed he "forgot he [Obama] was black for an hour".
All of these remarks, made by prominent Democrats, are clearly racist in nature and need no contrived context.
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You're being extremely disingenuous. You were addressing an overwhelmingly white audience in a state that had seceded from the Union and in a state in which Jim Crow laws effectively denied the franchise to Black Americans. I'm well aware of "code words" designed to placate and bond with southern racists. You used a couple.

I also note that, like so many of your conservatiive contemporaries, happy to wrap themselves in the flag, you adroitly avoided military service during the Vietnam War. Wikipedia states that you received a 1-Y classification after telling the draft board that you had been treated for depression. Did the draft board ask for and receive a doctor's report verifying your claim, or did the board take your word for it?
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