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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Regarding the contents of your speech to the Teabagger Convention

From: D []
Sent: Saturday, February 06, 2010 12:21 PM
Subject: Regarding the contents of your speech to the Teabagger Convention
Dear Mr Tancredo:
I am writing you regarding your statements at the the Teabagger Convention on Friday Feb 5th. I confess, I absolutely dont understand you! You yourself are here in American as a result of your own families' immigration to this country--you yourself and your family and ancestors are definitely part of the proud august immigrant/multiculturural heritage and tradition of our nation, so how could you, in your right mind, be against it!?!?

Additionally, a CBS News poll found that 83% of Americans approve of the the proposals President Obama presented in his State of the Union address. Now you seem like a fairly intelligent fellow--not a delusional wacko--so I know that you know that Obama is not really a Socialist. And you must be intelligent enough to realize that if his policies are popular with 83% of Americans and people like you keep calling him and his policies "Socialist", over time the American people are going to begin to be conditioned to like the idea of this "Socialism", because they will associate that word with all of the things they like about the President and his administration. In other words, you are selling "Socialism" in a very likable and irresistible package to the majority of unsuspecting Americans. Your characterization is brainwashing them to have positive and feel good associations with the concept of Socialism. Is that your intention? Are YOU a closet Socialist?

The Tea Party convention kicked off last night with an explosive speech from former Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, who lambasted "the cult of multiculturalism" in the U.S.

Tancredo, at left, also called President Obama a "socialist ideologue," who was elected because "we do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country," according to ABC News.

"People who could not spell the word vote or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House -- name is Barack Hussein Obama," he said, Fox News reports.
A large majority of Americans who watched President Obama's State of the Union Address generally approve of the proposals he outlined in his speech, according to a CBS News Poll conducted online by Knowledge Networks immediately after the President's address.

Of the randomly selected 522 speech viewers questioned by CBS, 83 percent said they approved of the proposals the President made. Just 17 percent disapproved — typical of the high support a president generally receives among those who choose to watch the State of the Union. In January 2002 — when George W. Bush gave the State of the Union Address a year into his presidency — 85% of speech watchers approved.

Six in 10 of those asked said they thought Mr. Obama conveyed a clear plan for creating jobs, and seven in 10 said his plans for the economy will help ordinary Americans. Another seven in 10 said President Obama has the same priorities for the country as they have.

The same individuals were interviewed both before and after Wednesday's State of the Union, and after the speech, 70 percent said Mr. Obama shares their priorities for the country, up from 57 percent before the speech.

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  1. A chicken in every pot. 30 acres and a mule. From each according to their means to each according to their needs.

    Yep who could disagree with the Communist Manifesto.

    No one ever claimed Obama could not give a great speech. Then again, snake oil was really popular until it was discovered that it had no merit at all.