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Friday, February 5, 2010

Socialism or Communism?

From: Robert J Wolf []
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 5:38 PM
Cc: 'Robert J Wolf';
Subject: Socialism or Communism?
Mr. Tancredo,

Are you really as big a moron as you appear. You apparently have no clue about the difference between socialism and communism. If you were to pull your head out of Palin’ ass and do some research you might learn the difference. Socialism works extremely well in Europe and Japan, communism has never worked anywhere. One is an economic system and the other is a political system. You apparently exhibit  the general characteristics of all Tea Partiers…no intelligence and lack of scope. God help this country if you or your fellow idiots have any influence on how our country is run.

Bob and Marlene Wolf

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  1. Bob,
    "Socialism works extremely well in Europe and Japan..." Are you daft? Do you have a clue? Europe enjoys at 11-15% unemployment rate and Japan has until recently had no National defense at all. Perhaps you did not know neither has any economic growth to speak of. Having lived in northern Japan for nearly 2 years in Misawa, and having been in and around their medical facilities, they compare quite well to the US clinics of the 1950s, but have a couple of modern items (like digital displays for their waiting rooms).

    Please, feel free to leave the US to the Tea Party supporters (Patriots all) and you can take your "change" to Europe.