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Friday, February 5, 2010

Why Should I Care About Your Movement

From: Michael V. Short []
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 1:29 PM
Subject: Why Should I Care About Your Movement
Mr. Tancredo,
I'm a Black male, 49 years old, and yes, I am a Democrat from and living in Denver.  Although I do not agree with everything that the President has done, I did vote for him and I support him.  What always seems to fail my sense of understanding, is how none of the spending that was going on during the Bush era, is ever to blame with the Tea Party or your movement.  President Obama is basically trying to fight his way out of a deep hole, not of his making.  This movement of yours and every other Tea Party movement always fails to ask "all" the people how they feel, even though you all claim to speak for the people. How did you come to the conclusion that your constituents are the "People" than anyone elses?  You and the media zero in on those things that will incite people with sounds and visuals.  I DARE you arrange a meeting with the African American community of Denver/Aurora.  I guarantee, you will here a very different voice and see much different sights.  Our voices are never heard in the media because we cannot command the same platform that people such as yourself does.  People in the ethnically minority neighborhoods want Universal Health Care.  Did you know that? Have you actually talked with a poor person who has no health care?  Did they tell you, it's OK if I suffer cause I can't afford to be seen by a Dr.?  How did you come up with these more than radical ideas that all of a sudden, the world is being driven off a cliff by the President?  I would join you and  every other Tea Party member around the world if you only made sense and stopped stating you speak for the people.  You don't speak for the people.  You speak for some people.  There are just as many others out there that have very opposing views to you and your ilk, we just don't have the media's ear or platform to express, so we labor behind the scenes.
Yes, we are in debt.  However, President Obama did not contribute to the biggest portion of this debt. Any guesses who did?  Is he trying?  Of course he is!  It's ridiculous to think that this man who loves his country as much or more than you do wants to actually ruin America.  What would be the gain in that in the long run? I support Health Care for all.  At no matter what costs to the taxpayer.  There is no way that anyone in this country should not have adequate health care and have to go bankrupt trying to fight back from a major hospital illness.  Don't you find that to be a bit ridiculous?  You were in Washington, did you fight for any type of health care or even have that a part of our agenda? 
There is an obvious disconnect between you and your version of the "American People" and me and my version of the "American People"! 
Anyway, good luck with your movement.  This is what I love about our country.  The ability not to have to choose to side with folks like yourself.  Long live President Barak Hussein Obama and God Bless the USA!!!


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  1. Finally, someone who at least attempts to engage in a civil discussion.

    Michael, there is already "Universal Health Care" for anyone (regardless of the ethnic makeup) who can not afford it. It is called Medicaid, and Denver Health Center receives millions of taxpayer dollars (increased by the Bush Administration and again by Obama).

    Looking at the political makeup of Denver and the problems you know still exist should lead you to consider another approach, try learning about the free market and Conservative Republicans' approach to governing. You may find it more attractive than the expansion of the "progressive" socialist agenda.