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Friday, February 5, 2010

Do You Know your Last Name

From: maria lentz []
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 7:14 PM
Subject: Do You Know your Last Name
Mr. Tancredo, with your very Romance language last name, aren't you aware that the verb "to vote" which is derived from the Latin word "Votum" is written and pronounced almost the same way in Spanish, Votar; Italian, Votare; French, Voter; etc. Were you talking about Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, etc. immigrants in your speech when you made the comment that people that voted for Obama did not know how to pronounce or spell "to vote".

Sir, I was born in Argentina, am the daughter of an international attorney and career diplomat, an ambassador who represented Argentina in many countries of the world. I speak and write English, French, Spanish and Italian, understand Portuguese and recognize Romanian, the five Romance languages. Sir, maybe you and the teabaggers are not aware of what a Romance language is and that many English words are derived from Latin. Example "to vote", "votum" in Latin. So to vote, votar, votare, voter, etc. have the same origin like your last name, Tancredo that can be Spanish or Italian. Did your Grandfather know how to vote????

Next time, sir, be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear.

Marita Lentz
6823 Dumbarton Drive
Charlotte, NC 28210


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