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Saturday, February 6, 2010


From: Hamid T. []
Sent: Saturday, February 06, 2010 11:35 AM
Subject: Feedback
I was watching the news the other and saw that you spoke to the Tea Bag gathering and was saddened to hear what you had to say. Evoking the one of the most disturbing things about the History of the United States while insulting the overwhelming majority of the population. Evoking the racist rules and laws that created the great divide between black and white Americans even after some progress toward integration. For that alone, you should be ashamed. But you didn’t just stop there, you started bashing immigrants which make the majority of this country… Yes. You read this correctly (assuming you can really read here).

You are not a native American nor any of the white folks here… every single one of you is either an immigrant or a descendent of immigrants. This country was built on the backs of immigrants (voluntary and involuntary alike) and for you to bash any of them is simply stupid and ignorant. You don’t seem to have any sense of history or honor by saying what you say. I sincerely hope I am wrong but I doubt it.

You don’t seem to have any idea that any invention that was attributed to the USA was basically originated and maybe completed by a minority. From the street lights (say thanks to Garrett Morgan – son of former slaves) to the nuclear weapons (say thanks to Albert Einstein… German by the way). The only thing you seem to have invented (and still hang on to) is the ideology of ignorance and white supremacy. You are, sir, a slave to your ignorance and portray yourself as a total idiot that has no room in a country that prides itself in being a melting pot of ideas and diverse background. You, and the majority of the Tea Bagging bunch, are trying to take this country back to its slavery days and it KKK wrinkles in history…

I am praying for you sir… I am praying that you sit down with your conscience (assuming you still have one) an inventory the damage you causing to this country and its good people by the garbage you are uttering… I am praying that you get to see the light that this country has a bright future but only if the likes of you start leading toward unity and tolerance… I am praying that you find your way toward decency and away from greed. You claim to be a Christian, so I ask you only to sit down and imagine what Jesus would think of what you’re doing. Sit down, empty your mind from these worldly distractions and think about how Jesus offered his life to save Humanity… not to save the white race, or those that were where he was legally, or those that gave him shelter only, etc… EVERYONE!!!  Because EVERYONE, EVERY HUMAN BEING is worth saving.

I know I probably just wasted my time typing this e-mail… because you won’t read it.


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  1. Wait, I just realized you copied Keith Olbermann. Really, are you his brain trust? He can't come up with all that clever stuff on his own. Wow, I am honored to have you opposing my side this issue. ... wow... Hey mom, I found Keith Olbermann's brain... really! read this...