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Saturday, February 6, 2010


From: Sue Timco []
Sent: Saturday, February 06, 2010 11:32 AM
Subject: Immigrants
Mr. Tancredo:
              I recently sent you a note through Progress Now Colorado regarding your comments about immigrants who didn’t know how to spell the word “vote” electing our President. If you read, and that’s a big “if” since it contains so multisyllabic words, I wish you to notice that my last name is Timko. That’s Ukrainian. I gave you a bit of the history of that side of my family-immigrants who became productive citizens through hard work and learning the language and having what is probably a better understanding of basic American Civics than you do, given your remarks, and voted for FDR (Gee, maybe they understood who was on their side as working Americans!)  My husbands last name is Niceswanger-Geman Swiss. I wonder how much English they understood upon entering the country…..A good friend’s last name is Tompos, Hungarian. Another friend is Polish by ancestry. My English ancestors came here before the revolution and I’m sure they spoke decent English, but they were trying to escape the law since the were highwaymen and horse thieve in the British Isles, but they fought in the American Revolution, making me eligible to join the DAR. BIG WOOOOOO!  How about Ruple, a German name. That friend’’s grandmother spoke broken English to the day she died, but could read and write well enough to become a citizen and vote
              As I asked in my other note, let’s hear all about you ancestry, HUH? If you dare…….Did they speak great English and therefore vote for the “right” persons?
              You were and continue to be an embarrassment to the state of Colorado.
              I would very much like an answer from you. That would be very interesting…………
                                                                Cynthia Timko
                                                                4519 N.26th St.
                                                                Boulder, Colorado 80301
P.S. I still demand an apology to the many millions of immigrants, dead or alive, to this country and their descendants. You are WAAAAAY out of line, mister.

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