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Monday, February 8, 2010

I know you wont read this, but I had to say something.

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Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2010 3:24 PM
Subject: I know you wont read this, but I had to say something.


Although this is a nation of free speech and all are given a right to say what they think, do you really think that the American public believes your rhetoric?

You criticize the president; you denounce the government that gives you the rights you so frequently disdain, and you make comments about voters who could not spell or read.  This is purely racist against all peoples of this great land. 

America needed a change, and the majority of those in politics, from retired to those serving, have no consideration of giving this president a chance to make a difference.  You should all be embarrassed by your behavior, I am.  I am glad McCain did not win, it would have been the same old same old same old – and our country would have headed into a deep spiral.   They say that Republicans are conservative, they are.  Instead of fixing the problem, they allowed special interest to reap in millions at our expense.  A lot of fat cats lined their pockets when the last admnistration left office.  Halliburton sound familiar.

When I worked at polling places, you had statesmen who worked for your community, for your state, for your country.   Now all we have are politicians who take care of their own interests.   Do I like the spending, absolutely not!  But I also don’t appreciate a war that is costing us billions so we can continue to depend on oil for our source of heat and transportation.   I mean really, renting a suburban to go skiing: harness solar, harness wind, bring on hybrids.   But you just don’t get it and don’t want to.

I am one of those Americans who came to this country by boat in 1962 and chose to accept its beliefs, its doctrine and its bright future.  Not since the late 70’s have I ever seen such personal greed and the ‘I’ syndrome.

You had an opportunity to close the borders and you did not get that accomplished.  Past presidents have altered their stands on this for years, yet you had the opportunity to make a difference and you could not sway others to follow.  My father told me as a child, that I should always take care of things in my backyard before I ventured in to others.  You might consider that.

The president is in the same position.  It is not statesmen who work with him; it is a constant barrage of disdain and criticism.    I became an American by choice.   What is your excuse?

I have never felt so cheated by government representation than at this time in my life.

Remember, as you tour this great country, this is one voice you do not speak for.

Heinz Peter Frisch

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